Engine Shipping Crates

Automotive Industry Solutions

Quick-Crate's collapsible, custom engineered automotive shipping crate system is designed to protect, transport and store products no matter where you are in the automotive supply chain.

Custom built to your specifications, Quick-Crate's internal dunnage can be modified to follow parts through multiple phases of the production process. And removable panels mean parts can be accessed or inspected from the top or any side of the crate. 

Automakers and suppliers will realize financial, labor and space savings with the Quick-Crate® solution. Our automotive shipping crates can be assembled or collapsed in less than three minutes - no special tools, screws, nails or metal banding is required. And when not in use crates collapse to about 9" high for return shipping or storage.

Because the crate is reusable, the Quick-Crate® shipping system usually pays for itself after the third return trip. Customers who use a crate an average of 10 times per year can save 60-80 percent of their annual packaging costs. Customers who have 50 or more trips from a large inventory of boxes can expect six to seven figure savings.

Quick-Crate® Add-Ons Include:  

  • Custom dunnage  
  • Custom cradling 
  • Shelving (slotted shelving) 
  • Painting 
  • Ramp doors
  • Removable casters  
  • Sheeting 
  • Lift handles 
  • Stenciling 
  • Barcoding

Please see our Dunnage & Options Gallery for examples of many of our engineered crating solutions.

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