Economy Systems

Economy Systems

In many cases, a reusable crate is not needed or return cycling is not feasible. For those customers we have developed our Economy Quick-Crates as a cost effective alternative to the returnable system. They are constructed with the same clip-style system and offer custom sizing, like reusable Quick-Crates.

Just as the reusable system is designed around durability, this system is designed for economy. The Economy crates feature ¾” OSB (oriented strand board) material for the sides, ends and tops in lieu of plywood and the pallet blocks and stringers are nailed rather than bolted. The Economy crate still has amazing strength, is fully collapsible and is ISPM-15 export compliant but it won’t make 50 return cycles. The big advantage is cost. In most cases, the Economy crates cost about 30% less than the reusable crates.

The Quick-Crate® Economy system is designed to improve your bottom line while ensuring products arrive safely. The convenient Economy Shipping Crates can be set up or knocked down by one person in 2 to 3 minutes without screws, nails, steel banding, or other special tools.

We carry 8 Stock Size Economy Quick-Crates for sale online. These ship out within 24 hours!

Quick-Crate Economy shipping crates advantages include:

  • Collapsible - require a fraction of warehouse space compared to set-up crates
  • ISPM-15 import/export compliant
  • Strength characteristics similar to Quick-Crate's heavy duty reusable systems
  • Cost 20 - 40 percent less than returnable crates
  • 3/4" material offers maximum protection

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Custom crates can be also designed to fit your exact specifications. Please fill out our Custom Quote form or Contact Us and we will promptly get back to you.