Reusable Quick-Crates

Standard Reusable & XL Reusable Motorcycle Crates

Reusable Motorcycle Quick-Crates offer the ultimate protection for your motorcycle. If you're a collector, our crates provide superior long term storage. If you're participating in a "Fly and Ride" program, the crate can be shipped to any freight terminal and held for pick-up. When you arrive, you can unload your bike, hop on and ride away.Since the crate collapses to approximately 12" high, it won't take up valuable space in your garage when empty.

Built with the ISPM-15 export compliant Quick-Crate reusable system*, these crates have been certified by the US Military to hold 4,000 lbs of ammunition and stack 3 high. That’s 12,000 lbs of crush strength! Stackability means greater shipping efficiency and maximizing of warehousing floor space.

Our XL Reusable crate has larger interior dimensions than any of our competitors, this means that 99% of bikes out there will easily fit into our crates. Even your Harley Fat Boy and Electra Glide! And if you have a custom bike that is longer than our crate, we also offer custom size crating. Fill out our Custom Quote form and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Each Motorcycle Quick-Crate includes a front tire cradle, 4 tie-down straps, 4 soft-tie straps and 4 D-rings mounted to the base panel. Once the bike is strapped to the pallet, all the crate panels can be assembled around the bike in 2-3 minutes with no nails, screws or metal bands. The end panel attaches to the pallet base to form a ramp, simplifying the loading and unloading process. (Ramp panel only available on the XL Reusable crate.) Our motorcycle shipping crates and storage boxes provide a durable, affordable, and easy-to-use solution that meets all of your shipping and storage needs. If you haven't already, see our Assembly Video & Assembly Sheet to learn how the crates go together.

Please visit our Motorcycle photo gallery to see how easy shipping your bike can be!

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