Military Solutions

Engineered Solutions for Military Applications

The military requires very specific packaging solutions for specialized applications. Whether it's ammunition or aircraft components, the Quick-Crate® system protects sensitive equipment while meeting supply chain needs.

Quick-Crate's consulting and engineering services ensure crates are built around your criteria - inside and out. Customized dunnage protects products during transport and storage. And removable panels mean products can be accessed and inspected from the top or any side of the MIL STD-1660 Quick-Crate certified to hold 4000 lbs of live ammunitioncrate.

Built to phenomenal strength, Quick-Crate® has been certified to Mil-Std-1660 by the U.S. Army's Defense Ammunition Center to hold 4,000 lbs of live ammunition and stack 3 high. That's 12,000 lbs of pressure on the bottom crate! As far as we know, this is the most stringent certification for wooden shipping crates in the military.

Quick-Crate® has a proven record of performance in meeting military specification requirements and strives to stay abreast of new and changing standards to meet a variety of military and ammunition shipping crate needs.

The Quick-Crate® Advantages Include:

All of our products can be fully customized through our available add-ons including:

  • ISPM-15 export compliant
  • Can be stacked for storage and transport
  • Collapses to about 9" when not in use resulting in storage savings
  • With the reusable system financial savings increase with each use
  • Can be assembled by one person with no nails, screws or metal banding in less than three minutes
  • Full line of add-ons including: custom cradles, shelving, ramp doors, removable casters, lift handles, painting, stenciling, barcoding and more.

Please see our Military Photo Gallery for other Military Quick-Crate® applications.

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