Economy Quick-Crates

Economy/Single-use Motorcycle Crates

Economy Quick-Crates are the cost-effective solution for your motorcycle shipping needs. We developed them for situations where return shipment of the crate is not feasible. They are great for people who just bought or sold a motorcycle and now need to ship it at minimal additional cost. Constructed with 3/4" plywood and OSB (oriented strand board), Economy crates are ISPM-15 export compliant for shipment worldwide.*

Each Motorcycle Quick-Crate includes a front tire cradle, 4 tie-down straps, 4 soft-tie straps and 4 D-rings mounted to the base panel. This crate does not include a ramp panel. Once the bike is strapped to the pallet, all the crate panels can be assembled around the bike in 2-3 minutes with no nails, screws or metal bands. Our motorcycle shipping crates provide a quality, affordable, and easy-to-use solution that meets all of your shipping needs. If you haven't already, see our Assembly Video & Assembly Sheet to learn how the crates go together.

Please visit our Motorcycle photo gallery to see how easy shipping your bike can be!

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