Standard & Custom Crates for Complete Shipping Solutions

Quick-Crate® has been manufacturing shipping crates since the 1920s. Our product line sets the international standard for what a collapsible, reusable shipping crate should be. Made in our ISO compliant facility, Quick-Crates are built to the tightest possible quality standards. We have produced over 100,000 boxes for automotive, aerospace, military, robotics, agriculture, and many other industrial applications. See which configuration below best fits your needs.

Reusable Crates

Quick-Crate's reusable shipping system is a durable, cost-saving alternative to traditional one-way containers. The all-plywood construction allows for many return cycles as well as makes them fully ISPM-15 export compliant.

Economy Crates

Quick-Crates Economy system offers a cost effective alternate to the returnable system. With similar strength characteristics to the reusable system, Economy Quick-Crates usually cost around 30% less and are still fully ISPM-15 export compliant.

EuroForm Crates

The EuroForm Quick-Crate is the newest edition in our Quick-Crate product line. We are always testing new materials and methods to keep Quick-Crate on the cutting edge of reusable packaging. With this newest addition to the Quick-Crate family, we have developed a crate that utilizes the simplicity and strength of the Quick-Crate system in tandem with the newest advancements in plastics.